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Arguments Over Tesla’s “Autopilot” Feature

The technology world has long awaited the time when we could have self-driving or autopilot cars. With a location here in Salt Lake City, Tesla is one of the first companies to come on the scene with a car that claims to drive itself. The only problem is that this feature may be slightly misleading. When we think of autopilot, we think of taking our hands of the wheel, relaxing and possibly even taking our attention elsewhere while our vehicle takes over and drives itself. Although this new technology from Tesla is impressive, is it everything that we could imagine?

The Problem With the Feature

The main issue that people seem to have with the autopilot feature is that it is a little bit misleading. This means that although it is a driver assisting technology, it does not enable the car to fully drive itself. Being marketed as “autopilot” tends to make drivers in Salt Lake City believe that the car is driving itself which in fact it is not. This can lead to an auto accident and the involvement of a lawyer and has previously done so as Tesla and the company’s lawyer has taken heat over a previous auto accident that the auto pilot feature has allegedly caused.

How Can This Be Fixed?

Salt Lake City Residents as well as others in industries around the country claim that they would feel much better if Tesla and their company lawyer would agree to change the name of the “autopilot” feature to something else that does not give the impression that the car drives themselves. The critics would feel much better if the driver understood that the technology was to assist the driver and not drive itself. By doing so the critics believe we would not have to worry about another auto accident from this new technology and we could focus on educating the driver on how to use it properly instead.

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