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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Personal Injuries?

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Your Personal Injuries?

There isn’t a single universal standard for what homeowner’s insurance is and isn’t supposed to cover. As a result, there is a wide range of homeowner’s insurance policies with a wide range of coverages. Still, some generalizations can be made about them, with an excellent example being how most of them won’t cover the personal injuries of either the homeowner or the other members of the homeowner’s household. However, most of them will cover different kinds of personal injuries.

When Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Personal Injuries?

To be exact, it is common for homeowner’s insurance policies to provide no-fault medical coverage for people who aren’t either the homeowner or a member of the homeowner’s household. As a result, if someone gets hurt on the homeowner’s property, they can send their medical bills to the homeowner’s insurance company. This is the case even if said individual hasn’t filed a liability claim, thus explaining the “no-fault” in no-fault medical coverage.

Besides this, homeowner’s insurance also kicks in when someone files a liability claim. For starters, it provides coverage for the cost of hiring a personal injury attorney to defend the homeowner in court. Furthermore, it includes coverage for court awards despite the effort of the personal injury attorney. Of course, homeowner’s insurance comes with a limit to its liability coverage, so if interested individuals feel that they need more liability coverage for whatever reason, they should look into options for getting that additional coverage. Be warned that this will come at an additional cost.

A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help You

Different homeowner’s insurance policies can have very different coverage. Due to this, interested individuals should read through the details to get an exact idea of what they will be getting for what they will be paying. Furthermore, it can be useful for them to consult experts on related topics such as a personal injury attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates to have the informational background needed to safeguard their interests.

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