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Key Questions to Ask a Personal Injury Attorney on an Initial Visit

Find the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injuries can leave you confused and in so much pain. Immediately after the accident, you should first seek medical attention and then contact a personal injury attorney. But, how can you tell which attorney is best suited for your case? Here are some of the questions to ask a personal injury attorney on your initial visit to help you decide if they are right for the job.

What Is Your Area of Specialization?

Like doctors, there are different types of lawyers based on what area of law they specialize in. You should find a lawyer who deals with personal injury cases. That way, you can be confident that they have the skills to handle your case.

Have You Handled Such a Case Before?

Just because an attorney specializes in personal injury doesn’t mean they have handled cases similar to yours. You should ask how many personal injury cases they have handled before and what the outcome was. With this information, you can relax, knowing there is a possibility of getting good results.

What Is the Assessment of My Case?

The first time you visit a personal injury attorney, you should explain your situation. Allow them to evaluate your case and tell you if there is a need to file a claim or not. Based on how the attorney responds to this question, you can figure out their legal knowledge on the issue and find out if it is worth pursuing the case.

What Is Your Payment Method?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. But, you should not assume that all work on a contingency basis. Be sure to get the facts, and if it is on a contingency basis, understand how the fees are calculated and other billable expenses.

Typically, get all the information needed to know if the attorney has enough experience to handle your case. Also, perform a background check to confirm if the information given is correct.

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