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Defective Drugs – Can You File a Lawsuit?

Almost all of us have had to rely on medication to help or cure us of our infection, disease, or illness. Generally, these drugs work as prescribed, albeit sometimes with side effects, with no need for a personal injury attorney.


We’ve also all seen those 30-second commercials ads, where the fast-talking narrator is listing off what seems to be hundreds of side effects to the drug they’re trying to sell.


But what happens when you receive a terrible drug or encounter a side effect that the manufacturer did not list or anticipate? This is where lawsuits prevail, and a personal injury attorney can help.


Here is a quick list of some of the most common drug lawsuits


1 – Failure to warn or improper instructions

There have been cases where the manufacturer does not correctly label what the drug is intended to be used for by the end consumer. This results in persons either using or being prescribed drugs to treat conditions that the drug was not originally intended to be used for.


2 – Manufacturing defects

Although 99.9% of drugs produced are safe, there is an odd batch that may be tainted. The result is the drug causing harm to the consumer it was intended to help.


3 – Drug Design

Although side effects are common, sometimes the side effects can seriously outweigh the positive that the drug was supposed to produce. In these cases, a lawsuit may be successful against the designer and manufacturer.


On top of all of this, there are times where manufacturers have undertaken fraudulent or illegal conduct, with lawsuits costing them millions or billions of dollars.


Many who have experienced taking a defective drug are rarely the only person who shared the side effects or circumstances. This means that multiple plaintiffs often bring class-action lawsuits against a pharmaceutical or drug manufacturer.


Contact a personal injury attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates today if you’ve been harmed by taking a defective drug.

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