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What Can I Claim After a Car Accident?

An accident of any sort that causes a personal injury is always traumatic, no matter how minor. The legal actions of the injured, however, are often confusing. Here is a brief rundown of the types of legal claims you can make after an accident. If you’ve been in a car accident, you may want to hire a car accident lawyer to help with your case. 

Property Damage

Personal injury is usually what people think about because of the immense costs of even minor injuries. While personal injury is the “rock star” of negligence cases, other forms of damages often happen.

If your vehicle or equipment, even devices like phones, etc., are destroyed or damaged in an accident, they might be eligible for compensation in a lawsuit.

Loss of Income

Missing work because of an injury also can count in a damages award. This includes actual work missed and if missing that work hurts your career, growth prospects, or ability to do future work.

Medical Bills

As mentioned, this is often the driver behind any personal injury lawsuit. Treating injuries can become exceptionally expensive.

If the injuries you suffered are because of negligence, you not only can sue them for the cost of treatment, but you should do so.

Pain and Suffering

The term pain and suffering is often directly tied to a negligence case, but not every case qualifies for damages based on the principle. There are two types:

Physical Pain

This includes the pain you have experienced and the adverse effects you will suffer in the future because of the defendant’s negligence.

Mental Pain

Mental pain is any emotional pain suffered because of the negligence that led to the injury.

This can be depression, suicidal thoughts, mental anguish, emotional distress, anxiety, and shock.

Each of these can be claimed if your injuries in an accident are due to negligence. Call a car accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates to find out if you have a case.

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