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Personal Injuries During Skiing

Hitting the slopes is one of the greatest things you can do during the winter in Salt Lake City. The best days are when it snows the night before and you are driving up and you see it has snowed two feet. You get up to the top of the mountain and start skiing all the fresh powder. Hopefully all goes well on your ski trip, but skiing can be dangerous. You could possibly end up hitting a rock and sustaining a personal injury.

If you sustained a personal injury while skiing and are wondering how you are going to work to pay for the medical bills, is it possible to get compensated by the ski resort for the injuries you sustained?

Ski Resort Immunity

Many states have laws that don’t allow a skier or a snowboarder to sue due to a skiing accident because of the risks of skiing. The risks skiers and snowboarders take while skiing is colliding with other skiers, failure to ski in designated area, and failure to ski within his or her ability. Every state has their own ski resort immunity law. Most of these laws include an “inherent risk of skiing”, which means skiers and snowboarders cannot hold the resort liable for the sustained injury.

If you feel like you may be an exception, call a lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates to help you navigate through your case.


Like everything, there are exceptions to every rule. There are some dangers that could still arise that aren’t considered an inherent risk of skiing. Some of these are: a malfunctioning chairlift, improperly stored snow machine, the way ski patrollers or ski instructors are skiing. For example, if there is a snow machine parked on one of the ski trails and you end up hitting it due to lack of signage, you will want to call a lawyer to evaluate your situation.

If you decide to try out skiing this season, be sure you are skiing safely. Know your limits and stay in bounds. You most likely will not be covered when skiing if you sustain a personal injury. If you think your situation may be an exception, call a lawyer to help you with your lawsuit.


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