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Can You Sue for Burial Expenses in Wrongful Death Cases?

Funerals are expensive, and almost no one is ever truly prepared for them. Most deaths in a family are shocking, but wrongful death cases make these unfortunate situations even worse.

Perhaps you’re struggling to pay for the burial expenses while you’re trying to work with a wrongful death attorney. If this is your situation, you might wonder if it is possible to get compensation for the funeral expenses. You should know that this is absolutely possible, and it’s something that happens relatively frequently in wrongful death cases.

The laws related to this issue vary from state to state, which makes things more complicated. However, in many states, wrongful death claims are multifaceted. Economic damages are considered, and the expenses of funerals and burials are certainly part of the picture. It’s also possible to be compensated for non-economic damages.

The emotional damage associated with losing someone can actually be legally relevant. If you relied on this person for care, companionship and other forms of support, a wrongful death attorney will take all of that into account.

Losing someone may obviously result in a lot of other financial costs. The losses you experience after a death in the family can be severe. You might lose an inheritance, future earnings or benefits. These are all economic damages you can get compensated for. Medical expenses can be just as significant, especially considering how hefty these costs are in most cases.

The average modern burial service costs families around $6,000. Some people are easily able to pay that, but that’s certainly not the case for everyone. People often have to save money in order to prepare for funerals. When a loved one dies suddenly due to the negligence of others, your entire life may change overnight. A wrongful death attorney can at least make things more stable at home, and helping you cover funeral expenses is part of that.

If you are struggling to find a way to cover the costs of a funeral, consider hiring a wrongful death attorney from Robert J. DeBry.

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