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Does Age Influence Wrongful Death Cases?

Age can have a complicated effect on wrongful death cases. Typically, the victim’s age will only affect a wrongful death case indirectly. However, any wrongful death attorney will absolutely take the victim’s circumstances into account.

The victim’s age might affect the size of the settlement. However, this is where things become complicated. A family that loses a child as a result of another person’s negligence might get a settlement worth millions of dollars. If the decedent is a senior citizen, the settlement could be worth far less.

The largest settlement payouts typically involve healthy and successful middle-aged people with numerous dependents. Families might get similarly high settlements if the victims in question are unusually successful young adults who have several children. However, a thorough wrongful death attorney will take into account the victim’s earning potential, health and social status. If the victim has any dependents, that will also be relevant to the case.

Middle-aged people typically earn more than folks in all other age groups, although there are exceptions. They’re also more likely to have dependent children than younger or older adults are. Many middle-aged people are still very healthy, especially these days. If a wealthy and successful 40-year-old mother of five dies in an accident, her family might get a settlement worth $5 million.

In that example, the victim’s age mattered. However, if the mother had been 35 or 50 years old, it probably would not have a big effect on the outcome of the case. The victim’s age might be an important consideration, but other factors are usually more critical. A skilled wrongful death attorney will always pay attention to every variable.

Many young adults are having a difficult time starting careers these days. Older adults are more likely to have dependents. It could be said that age itself is becoming less important in the context of wrongful death cases. If it is, the rules are beginning to change.

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