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Basic Statistics for Wrongful Death Cases

Many people find wrongful death statistics very alarming. Medical malpractice alone causes a shocking ninety thousand deaths every year. In addition, there are over forty-five thousand motor vehicle fatalities each year in the United States alone. When people need an experienced and effective wrongful death attorney, it’s often due to circumstances such as these.

However, there are plenty of other types of cases that involve wrongful deaths, which make the situation even more terrifying. For instance, workplace accidents cause an estimated six thousand fatalities each year. As you might expect, the causes of workplace accidents diverge widely, but they’re still all very serious. It’s common for wrongful death attorneys to work on workplace injury cases, even when the workplace injuries involved are not fatal.

Many workplace injuries involve simple falls, while others are caused by traffic accidents. Employees sometimes get exposed to harmful substances when at work; in fact, this circumstance leads to hundreds of deaths per year. It’s well-known that working with heavy machinery has a lot of risks attached to it, but few people are aware that roughly a thousand employees are killed per year as a result of contact with damaged equipment.

Unfortunately, some employees also encounter violence on the job. Nearly a thousand people die as a result of workplace violence every year.

Traumatic brain injuries are a very common cause of wrongful death, and can occur under a number of different circumstances. Some people experience traumatic brain injuries as a result of automobile accidents. Sadly, due to the prevalence of automobile accidents, this is a frequent circumstance; fifty thousand deaths related to traumatic brain injuries occur each year. More often than not, if the traumatic brain injury was connected to a workplace injury or automobile accident, a wrongful death attorney will handle the case.

The statistics connected to wrongful death cases can be frightening to take in. However, those who have lost family members as a result of situations like these should remember that they are not alone. The public deserves to understand that wrongful deaths are far more common in the United States than they should be.

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