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Allergan Breast Implants Recall – Contact RJD & Associates today!

In July 2019, Allergan, a manufacturer of breast implants, announced that they recalled all their BIO CELL breast implants from the global market. This recall came after the United States Food and Drug Agency (FDA) requested Allergan to recall the implants and tissue expanders. This was after studies showed that the products cause anaplastic large-cell lymphoma (ALCL), a rare form of cancer. Women who develop complications due to Allergan textured BIO CELL breast implants can seek compensation through a personal injury lawyer’s legal services.

Why the Recall?

Evidence by the FDA showed many cases of anaplastic large-cell lymphoma and deaths related to Allergan implants. Globally, breast implants accounted for a reported 573 ALCL cases and 33 deaths. 

Allergan breast implants caused 481 out of the 573 medical cases. Also, the FDA reported that 13 women out of the 33 deaths knew about Allergan. Additionally, 12 of the 13 women had an Allergan breast implant. Therefore, if you need further medical attention, a personal injury lawyer is the right professional to help. RJD Associates can you get the financial compensation that will cover legal and medical expenses.

More about ALCL

Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system caused by breast implants. It is not a form of breast cancer. But, can spread throughout the body and cause serious health risks and lead to death. While many women have Allergan breast implants, the FDA only recommends removing these implants when ALCL symptoms are present.

The symptoms include hardening and enlarging the breast, fatigue, weight loss, and rashes on the skin. It is prudent for those with Allergan implants to seek medical assistance to determine if they are at risk of ALCL.

If any complication arises from Allergan breast implants, medical costs might be a burden to shoulder. If Allergan impacts you textured breast implants and feel that you deserve compensation, a personal injury lawyer can help you seek redress.

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