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 Zantac Recall – Contact RJD & Associates Personal Injury Lawyer today!

Have you taken Zantac and feel that you were injured or could have been injured due to its use? If so, your injury or potential injury is cause for compensation due to Zantac’s use. There are currently several mass tort lawsuits for the recalled Zantac. The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) can prove that Zantac is a cause for cancer in prior users. Personal injury attorneys are working hard to fight for you. Robert J Debry & Associates are working their hardest to get you just compensation for your injury or potential injury.

Suppose you have taken Zantac, contact Robert J. Debry & Associates at, to receive compensation from these mass tort lawsuits. Moreover, unjustly injured Clients should know that Personal injury lawyers are working around the clock due to drug manufacturers’ incompetence. Additionally, having cancer or potentially receiving cancer from Zantac is cause for severe litigation, which Robert J. Debry & Associates has personally taken on successfully for their clients.

RJD & Associates makes it easy for you! Get in touch with their world-class personal injury attorneys to start the process of receiving what you rightly deserve. Zantac, used by millions worldwide, commonly causes heart-burn, GERD, indigestion, and other gastro-intestinal issues medication. Suppose you or a loved one have used this. In that case, a personal injury attorney can build a chance for you in the mass tort lawsuits. The best way to get started is to give RJD & Associates a call or send an email stating that you are looking to build a case.

Rightfully so, Robert J. Debry & Associates handle your case with the upmost professionalism at They’ll make sure you are taken care of and given the justice you deserve, guaranteed.

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