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The Importance of Bike Lanes

Bike lanes started emerging across the US, especially after a study indicated that streets with such bike infrastructure had 90% fewer cyclists’ accidents. The merits of delineated bike lanes are straightforward. These lanes are reserved for bikers, and some include demarcations or physical barriers that keep motorists off. If a motorist rides in bike lanes and causes an accident, your injury attorney can help you sue them for all bodily injuries and other damages. Here’s a brief look at the importance of bike lanes and how they keep you safer.

Why Are Bike Lanes Important?

Bike lanes are reserved for cyclists but also used by pedestrians, skaters, and other non-motorists. Because the roads aren’t shared with other motorists, there is a lower chance of crushes accidents. Studies say a massive 90% cuts the likelihood of accidents in streets with dedicated bike lanes and 60% in streets with some form or biking infrastructure. Other benefits of bike lanes include:

a) Lower Risk of Injuries to Cyclists

You are less likely to need a personal injury attorney because of the reduced risk of accidents and injuries. Streets with segregated and barrier-protected lanes further lower the risk of more severe injuries.

b) Car Safety

Cars making right turns can benefit from the extra radius bike lanes add to driveway intersections. This reduces the risk of crashes from the rear. Drivers also have a better chance of avoiding fixed obstacles, such as utility poles.

c) Better Visibility

Increased road capacity keeps everyone on their lanes. The road is also cleared and paved, removing various obstructions. Motorists entering the roadway from intersections or side roads have a better sight distance and extra room to make turns.

d) Extra Space for Various Uses

The bike lanes provide extra room for bus stops and temporary breakdowns. Motorists and cyclists also have more space to maneuver and avoid serious accidents. Cars even move at a uniform speed since cyclists are kept in a different lane.


There are several other minor benefits of bike lanes. Although, the main merit is safety for cyclists and other road users. You still need a personal injury attorney in case you are part of an accident. Robert J. Debry & Associates is one excellent law firm you can trust for individual injury cases. They have several years of experience representing clients in Utah.

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