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Why Drowsy Driving Can Be Dangerous

Drowsy driving is a significant issue on United States roads. It can affect the person behind the wheel and other innocent motorists. NHTSA estimates show that during 2017, there were 91,000 auto accidents reported to police that involved drowsy driving. These accidents accounted for around 50,000 injuries and closed to 800 deaths.

What is Drowsy Driving?

Drowsy driving is defined as operating a motor vehicle while being affected by a lack of sleep. This can cause your reaction times to slow, make you inattentive and impact your decision-making ability.

What are the Signs?

There are several tell-tale signs that you are suffering from drowsy driving. These include:

  • Drifting over the road and moving outside of your lane
  • Missing your turnoff or exit
  • Having trouble recalling the last few miles
  • frequently yawning and blinking
  • hitting rumble strips

Driving while drowsy is dangerous – you are three times more likely to be involved in an accident while driving fatigued. Unfortunately, these accidents usually involve innocent parties. A car accident attorney can help you navigate the legal requirements in these cases. At Robert J. DeBry and Associates, we can help you get fair compensation in these situations. We know the law in Utah and what evidence is required.

Robert J. DeBry & Associates has years of experience dealing with auto accidents. As your car accident attorney, we will build the most robust case possible when you engage us. We will be there with you for every step:

  • Investigation of the accident and developing the case.
  • Negotiation with the insurance companies. We will stand up for you to get the compensation you deserve, not what they want to give you.
  • Completing all the required paperwork means you only have to worry about getting better!

If you require the services of a car accident attorney, contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates today.


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