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Wrongful Death Serial Series: Pedro López

Pedro Alonso López is the most notorious Colombian serial killer, and rapist wrongful death lawyers have ever witnessed. He is responsible for the murder of at least 110 children between 1969 and 1980. Pedro confessed to having murdered more than 300 people in South America, and his story is spine-chilling due to his killing spree’s brutality. 

Learning About Pedro

In 1980, Pedro led police to 53 graves of his victims in Ecuador he claimed belonged to young girls between 9 and 12. Pedro developed his habit during his time in prison for car robbery. The harsh life of jail and his gang-raping experience instilled a quest in him to hunt and kill his rapist. The amount of pain that his victims go through is unbearable.

Pedro is a vengeful serial killer that baffles many wrongful death lawyers and detectives to date. His hard times in jail build him into a bloodthirsty killer who would track down his wrongdoers and kill them. His first murders started during his time in prison and continued after his release. He moved from Colombia to Peru and began his killing spree. With a taste for young girls, he confessed to having killed more than a hundred kills by 1978. Pedro was at the mercy of an indigenous tribe that wanted to execute him but got saved by a US missionary in Peru.

Pedro’s Release

After his release by Peru state police, he moved to Ecuador, where he continued his killing spree. During his stay in Ecuador, he confessed to killing three girls weekly. In his statement, he claimed that he loved girls in Ecuador because they were simpletons and easy to convince. Lopez is good at stalking his victims from a distance days before abducting them. The scariest thing about him is that after he buries his victims, he wouldn’t let them rest. Pedro would bury them in shallow graves only to return days later before they decomposed and exhumed them. Pedro would then have what he termed ‘Tea Parties’ with the corpses, and he loved killing his victims when the sun was up to witness their pain.

Pedro’s killing spree still puzzles many wrongful death lawyers the world over. He has dangerous love for his trade; scary enough, Pedro is still at large. Don’t wait for help from a wrongful death lawyer like Robert J. DeBry & Associates.

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