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Wrongful Death Serial Series: Albert Fish

Hamilton Howard Albert Fish is a renowned American serial killer, cannibal, and child molester. It is a scary name that instills chills in the spines of Washington’s wrongful death lawyers and residents. Albert’s strange taste for human flesh is extraordinary, spine-chilling, and still a mystery to many wrongful death lawyers. He was nicknamed the Brooklyn Vampire, owing to his reputation as the most ruthless cannibal in America between 1924 and 1928. Wrongful death cases can be scary to handle. Go to Robert J. DeBry & Associates for a helping hand from a friend. 

Fish’s Life

During his early life, Fish became curious about other people’s pain. He wasted no time developing a habit of instilling pain in his victims before killing them. He started by molesting young boys he lured from their homes before torturing and raping them. Fish would use a nail-studded paddle as his favorite tool for torturing his victims.

In 1910, Fish killed Thomas Kedden in the most bizarre of ways. He lured Kedden into a farmhouse and tortured him for two weeks. He later mutilated his body and cut off half of his manhood. He eventually left him with a ten-dollar bill as payment for his pain. The amount of torture that Kedden went through is unparalleled.

However, Fish’s quest for blood did not end with Thomas Kedden. In 1919, Fish continued his killing spree by stabbing an intellectually disabled child in Georgetown. Fish had a good taste for people with disabilities. He claimed that nobody would even miss them after he had killed them. Fish confessed to brutally torturing and mutilating his victims with his favorite “Implements of Hell”: a butcher knife, a handsaw, and a meat cleaver. Albert Fish’s confessions are a puzzle to even experienced homicide detectives and wrongful death lawyers. It is pretty spine-chilling how he enjoyed killing his victims.

After A Break

Five years later, Albert Fish involved himself in another cold-blood homicide. In July 1924, Fish found a young Beatrice Kiel alone on their farm in Staten Island. His effort to lure and kill the girl into his traps bore no fruit after the child’s mother discovered him. Fish didn’t give up, though; he went ahead and brutally killed Francis McDonnell in Staten Island with his “Implements of Hell.”

Homicide detectives regard Albert Fish as one of the most dangerous serial killers Washington has ever witnessed. His tools of trade baffle detectives, wrongful death lawyers, and civilians. Contact Robert J. DeBry & Associates for help with a wrongful death case.

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