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Winter Driving Tips: Staying Safe on The Road

Are you ready to drive this winter? Over 15% of accidents in vehicles happen during the winter, and many of these cases require a car accident lawyer. Driving during diverse winter conditions can be safer by keeping a few tips in mind before and during your trip.

Mentally Ready

It can be tempting to accelerate your vehicle a little faster to get to your destination during the winter months. However, it is imperative to drive slower than you usually would in clear and dry conditions. Make sure that you leave your starting point with enough time to get to your destination safely and without rushing. It is key to be mentally prepared for your trip, no matter how long or short the journey. Keep in mind the route you plan to use before you get into your vehicle. Also, make sure you have alternative routes to avoid icy bridges or heavy snowed roads when possible. To avoid accidents, you can increase the distance between you and other vehicles you are following behind. A personal injury attorney can help if you are involved in a collision during the winter as well.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Before driving your vehicle, make sure it is ready for winter conditions, including having the correct tires for your car that can handle snow and ice. Winterizing your vehicle includes making sure there is enough coolant in your car or truck and that your battery has enough charge for your trip, delays, and emergencies. As the temperature drops, your vehicle will perform differently under winter conditions. Also, a professional mechanic can help ensure your vehicle is ready for the winter months.

Contact a Car Accident Lawyer

Remember, if you are involved in an accident, you can contact a car accident lawyer today. Robert J. Debry & Associates is here to help.

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