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Why you Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney if You’ve Used Talcum Powder

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Why Consider A Personal Injury Attorney?

Recently, talc, a mineral in talcum powder and other household products, links with asbestos. Ever since this discovery, people diagnosed with ovarian cancer and mesothelioma have filed lawsuits claiming that their predicament is related to talcum powder contamination with asbestos. Your leading personal injury attorney dedicates helping you obtain compensation for damages incurred.

Why Johnson & Johnson is at fault?

Johnson & Johnson has remained adamant that their talc-based products do not contain asbestos. They contradicted a recent report by Reuters, which found feminine hygiene and baby powder to contain asbestos. According to this report, the company has known all along that its’ talc products are carcinogenic.

There is evidence that Johnson & Johnson has had this information from as early as the 1970s. However, the company chose to hide this information from the public and continued to use talc on their products, which has continued to expose users to harmful effects.

Further to that, in a March 3rd, 1975 memo, the company instructed its managers to halt ongoing internal investigations on talc products’ safety to prevent unfavorable publicity should the outcomes be adverse. The company initiated the studies as a public relations gimmick. Your Robert J. Debry & Associates personal injury attorney will help establish criminal culpability on the company’s part to help you receive adequate compensation.

Why you should file a Talcum Powder lawsuit

Receive Financial Compensation With A Personal Injury Attorney

Even though Johnson & Johnson insists that their talc-products are safe, they have lost numerous suits against litigants. Your experienced personal injury attorney will help you receive the most compensation.

Cover Your Costs of Care

It can be quite expensive to treat talc-related cancer, with some medical procedures going for thousands of dollars. Add this to the cost of staying in a hospital, lost income, and therapy plans, and the amount is astronomical. Therefore, you are deserving of compensation against these costs.

Contact Robert J. Debry & Associates today to book for a free review of your case to learn if your claim is valid.

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