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Tips for Staying Safe while Biking

Bicycling can be a great way to get around town if you’re trying to get fit, or even if you’re simply trying to reduce your carbon footprint, but there are some safety factors to consider. Every Personal injury lawyer Robert J. Derby & Associates has seen a lot of biking accidents, and we want you to be safe. Take a look at these tips for biking safely:


  • First and foremost is wearing a helmet.

    You never know when the worst is going to happen, so always be prepared with your safety gear.


  • Assume that cars on the road can’t see you.

    Most probably can and do see you, but if someone is texting while driving, or is otherwise distracted, it can be easy for them to miss a bicyclist. Keep your head on a swivel and pay attention to your surroundings.


  • ‘Share the road’ works both ways.

    Give cars a wide berth and make sure they have the ability to safely get around you as much as is possible, or you may wind up needing a personal injury lawyer yourself.


  • Wear reflective or bright neon clothing.

    especially if you’re riding at night. Putting a headlight on your bike is a great idea to keep you visible as well. This will help guide cars around you.


  • Check your equipment before you head out.

    Make sure your bike is in good working condition. This is important because no matter how careful you are while riding a bike, if there is a malfunction you could find yourself sprawled on the road with oncoming traffic.

  • Know your hand signals.

    If you make your intention to change lanes or turn clear, cars will have time to react and can give you space to move.


Biking accidents are no fun, and to be honest, a bike will always lose in a collision with a car. For a personal injury lawyer, they don’t like seeing people hurting when it could have been easily prevented. If you do suffer an accident, however, Robert J. Derby & Associates are here to help you through it and get you the compensation you deserve! Contact us today for more information.

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