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Why is Drinking and Driving so Dangerous?

As we celebrate the holiday season with food and family, we also enjoy our wine and spirits. As we want our celebrations, be aware of how alert we feel after drinking. Be mindful of whether we have a buzz or more than a buzz. This influences how well you can control a car. If you drive under influence, you may need a car accident lawyer.


So what are the dangers of drinking and driving?

Alcohol’s impact on the body – Alcohol usage reduces brain function, including limited thinking, reasoning, and muscle coordination. It also limits your visual functioning, as well. With these challenges, it’s crucial to not drive when under the influence.

High cause in car accidents – One-third of all traffic accident fatalities are caused by drunk driving. From 2009-2018, over 10,000 people died each year due to drunk driving accidents.

Young adults are most at risk – In 2016, 27% of drivers in drunk driving accidents were aged 25-34. Adults ages 21-24 accounted for 26% of these drivers. Regardless of age, alcohol slows down our functioning, and we should not drive under the influence.

What can we do to prevent driving and drinking?

Have a designated driver – Before we celebrate, appoint someone to be the sober driver, so everyone gets home safe.

– Call a cab – If you know you will be drinking, consider leaving your car at home. Let someone else drive everyone home safely.

However, you can still do everything right and get hit by a drunk driver. You could sustain serious injuries, creating limitations in your daily life. You can consult with a car accident lawyer to see how to move forward.

A car accident lawyer will help you navigate the system. They will see if you have any rights to compensation for loss of wages and quality of life. Robert J. Debry & Associates will work with victims of drunk driving accidents to fight for rightful claims.


RJD & Associates are personal injury attorneys with over 250 years of combined experience. Their staff specializes in car accidents, fighting on your behalf to get the compensation and justice you deserve. If you were a victim of drunk driving, contact RJD & Associates today for assistance.


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