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How to Get an Attorney After an Accident

Unfortunately, there are many car crashes and work-related accidents in the United States. Some are serious, and others are just minor bumps. Regardless of the nature of the accident, there is that one thing that you should do. Hire a trusted lawyer.


Hiring a Trusted Lawyer

Remember that insurance companies have lawyers who will evaluate your injury claim after a car accident. So, it is vital to have a personal injury attorney that understands the legal rights you have.

Always go for the best and credible personal injury law firms like Robert J. DeBry & Associates. Our firm has the reputation of standing up to insurance companies and protecting personal injury victim’s rights.

Whether it’s a slip-and-fall at work or a car accident, you don’t want to hire just any attorney. You should get trusted lawyer and one you are comfortable with. Here is how to get the right lawyer after an accident:

Through Friends and Acquaintances

Friends and co-workers can recommend an experienced lawyer who had represented them in their personal injury claims. If they have positive reviews about the attorney’s experience, add the lawyer to the list.

However, don’t make rushed decisions about an attorney solely out of a friend’s recommendations. Book an appointment with the lawyer and discuss your case first. If you are comfortable with the attorney then you can enter a working relationship.

Other Lawyers

If you already know a lawyer, probably one who has represented you before, you can consider hiring them again. Regardless of the relation, make sure the attorney has experience in personal injury cases. Otherwise, ask the attorney to refer you to someone who handles personal injury cases.

Just like co-workers or friend’s recommendations, don’t just make a decision based on another attorney’s referral.

Attorney Directories

You can search for personal injury attorney through lawyer’s directories. Some of the best directories offer extensive profiles, including lawyer’s education level, experience, and display fee structure.

Most people are not aware of their rights after an accident. Let a trusted lawyer from Robert J.DeBry & Associates personal injury lawyers help with your injury claim and get you the money you deserve.


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