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Why Dogs Bite

You’ve raised your sweet German Shepard as your best friend. You don’t go anywhere in Farmington, Utah without him. In fact, if it were allowed, you’d even bring him to work with you. Up until this point in time he’s been absolutely gentle, which is why he spends so much time with you.

Unfortunately, dog bite cases cannot be predicted. No matter the age, breed or gender, your pup can bite for many reasons. No animal is immune to his hidden nature. But by understanding why dogs bite, you can keep your best friend out of any stressful situations that may lead to the unthinkable and the phone call to your lawyer.

Reasons Your Dog Might Bite

Dogs never nibble out of the blue. Typically if your pal finds himself in a stressful situation, he may be inclined to act on it. The keywords you need to remember when dealing with a stressed dog are: scared, startled, threatened and protection.

If your dog is scared, he won’t be comfortable around others. When the New Year’s fireworks go off, the startling noise can put him over the edge. By socializing your dog, you eliminate the threats that come with bringing new dogs around. Finally, realizing that your dog will be territorial can be enough to keep from having to call your dog bite lawyer. 

Warning Signs You Can Look Out For

If you don’t want to have to call your dog bite lawyer, pay attention to your pup’s demeanor. Before he ever makes a move to nip at someone, he’s going to be very clear about it. If your dog yawns when children approach or simply gets up and moves away from them, it’s a sign to put him outside.

Your best friend trusts you. He’s going to look to you for help. If he scratches, bites or licks himself, or if he does a “wet dog shake” after a child stops touching him, he needs to be moved to another room.

Your dog has done his best to be patient, but it won’t last. Do your part to keep him safe from his primitive nature.

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