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Who Was Gary Ray Bowles (The I-95 Killer)?

Gary Ray Bowles alias is the “I-95 killer. He ran away from home aged 14 after suffering abuse at his stepfather’s hands. His Stepfather was an alcoholic who abused him, his mother, and his brother. He was also angry at his mother, who decided to stay in the marriage. After running away, he met a hitchhiker who introduced him to prostitution (Washington Post). He lived the prostitution life a secret, but once his girlfriend found out, this contributed to his violent trajectory. He beat her and sexually assaulted her and thus was sentenced to 6 years in prison. After his release, he robbed a woman and was again convicted to 4 more years in jail.  

Once he was released for a second time, he strangled and murdered 47-year-old Walter Hinton, whom he had been living with for several months. After he killed Hinton, he hid his body in the back of the mobile home the two had been living in. He also beat and strangled his roommate John hardy Roberts. 

The subsequent murder after his roommate’s strangulation was said to occur in Maryland, where Bowles strangled David Jarman and stole his credit cards and car. 

After that, he was taken in by a 72-year-old named Milton, who was found dead on a gold course near his home. He had been gagged, beaten, and robbed. Two weeks later, Albert Morris was found gagged, beaten, and shot in Florida. 

Each victim was said to hang around gay bars, and that was where Bowles would strike. Offering household chores and sex, he would later kill them and rob them. 

His hatred for gay men fueled his supposedly pregnant woman eloping and aborting his unborn child. According to CBS News, Bowles was bisexual and did not want to reveal it. His revenge on gay men left six men dead in eight months. He later pleaded guilty and was executed via lethal injection on August 22, 2019.

He told his mother, “ Having to deal with your son being called a monster is terrible. I’m so very sorry. I never wanted this to be my life. You don’t wake up one day and decide to become a serial killer.”

Despite Bowles’ apology before his execution, the pain, and suffering he had caused the families were beyond imaginable. An apology is not enough to help with bringing justice to your dead loved ones. As personal injury lawyer, we are here to help bring our clients the justice they deserve. 

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