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Richard Rogers Life and Crimes

Popularly referred to as the “Last Call Killer” by the media, Richard Rogers was a middle-aged nurse in Staten Island who turned out to be a serial killer. He mainly targeted gay men and dismembered them. According to oxygen, Richard Rogers was a male nurse known for his courteous and kind nature. Even his neighbors recognized him as a thoughtful and average individual with excellent social life and habits.


Richards’s crime signature was the dismemberment of the individuals he killed. He would take apart their bodies and leave them on the side of roads in plastic bags. He would kill them by stabbing them with knives. His victims were all found to be gay men. 


The victims of Richard that have been confirmed are Thomas Mulcahy, a computer sales associate identified as a bi-sexual. The second victim was Anthony Marrero, a 44-year-old prostitute. Both were dismembered, and their body parts separated into bags and thrown off onto the side of the road. Faint fingerprints were left on the bags matching Richards, and thus he was found out.


Several other accusations and unsolved murders similar to the M.O of Richards are still to be linked to him. A 47-year-old individual in Manhattan once reported Rogers for drugging and attacking him but was never acquitted in a nonjury. 


In late 2005, he went on trial in New Jersey for two of the victims. A jury sentenced him to at least 65 years in prison (NY Times). However, some cases went unsolved as the prosecutors claimed insufficient evidence.

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