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Who is Liable in a Parking Lot Accident?

Parking lot accidents are some of the most common car accidents, and determining who is at fault is often daunting, especially when drivers move in different directions. In most cases, parking lot accidents stem from driver negligence, and a car accident lawyer considers various aspects to determine who was at fault.

Here are the two essential factors for telling who is liable for a parking lot accident:

1. Whose Car Was Moving?

If one car was moving and hit another that’s parked, the driver of the moving vehicle will most likely be found negligent and liable for all damages. If both cars are moving, the investigation will focus on determining who had the right of way.

2. Who Had the Right of Way

A driver may be found guilty of not respecting the right of way based on traffic patterns. Here are some instances of how right of way determines at-fault drivers.

  • Backing Into Each Other From A Parking Space – If two drivers back into each other from a parking space, they’ll both be liable for the accident as neither has the right of way.


  • Pulling Forward or Backing Onto A Moving Car – If a driver backs or pulls forward into a moving car from a parking space, they’ll likely be found at fault as they have to yield the right of way and wait for a safe time to back/pull out.


  • Colliding While Vying For The Same Parking Spot – In most cases, both drivers are at fault, but the driver turning left may be more liable as they should yield the right way.

Car accident lawyers and insurance companies will often look at the reports and available surveillance cameras to determine if any driver was speeding, distracted, or negligent.

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