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Remote Texter Liability

Distracted drivers are running rampant throughout the country.

Any given day, you may encounter a fellow vehicle on the road not as focused as they should be due to various reasons; fumbling with the radio, talking on the phone, texting, eating, applying makeup, being distracted by children or by other passengers, etc. 

Adding to the potentially dangerous road conditions, many of us log more and more miles and hours on the road than ever before. This could further lead to becoming complacent and not being as vigilant and attentive as we should. 

Remote Texter Liability

Suppose you happen to get into a car accident with another driver who was texting. In that case, there is an excellent chance that car accident lawyers can get you compensation for any bodily or property damage done. But did you know that the sender of a text message could also be held liable for some injuries, not just a receiver of the text message? 

In the 2013 New Jersey Appellate Court case Kubert v. Best, a precedent was set to possibly claim damages from both the driver and a text message sender if the sender could have known the receiver would potentially read the message while driving. 

You may be unsure about all this and have many questions. Still, find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being on the wrong end of a distracted driving incident. The Car Accident Lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help you. 

Car Accident Lawyers

“Car Accident lawyers specialize in tort law, an area of law that covers most civil suits. These legal professionals help individuals involved in an auto accident through the most stressful times and help accident victims build a solid claim. In these claims, a car accident lawyer will seek out the appropriate compensation for any damages, injuries, lost wages, and hospital bills accrued during and after the accident.”

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