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Which Highway Lane is the Safest to Drive In?

According to NHTSA, an estimated 20,175 fatalities from road accidents occurred in 2021. The numbers are 0.5% higher than in 2020. While the 2022 projections show a slight drop in over seven decades, road accident incidents are still at an all-time high. A car accident lawyer is essential so long as there is active road use.

Abiding by driving rules is one way to ensure safety on the roads. However, only some are law-abiding citizens. Casually disregarding road rules has cost many Americans their life and abilities. Other contributing factors include bad weather, driver fatigue, drunk driving, vehicle malfunctions, and road design and distractions.

Regardless of the conditions, a car accident lawyer comes in handy after a road incident. Call Robert J. DeBry & Associates for road accident-related inquiries.

Is There a Safe Lane?

All lanes are generally safe to drive in when drivers follow road rules. Road safety experts show that certain lanes can reduce accident risks or the severity of the outcome. However, each lane has its pros and cons.

The Left Lane

The left lane has fewer accidents than the right because it has fewer vehicles. However, accidents on this lane are often fatal. The left lane is fast. Speed-conscious drivers may need help finding driving on this lane calming.

The Right Lane

The right lane is the slowest because it has many vehicles slowing down traffic. Many cars are exiting or entering the highway through this lane. Research shows that highway merges have the highest accident rates. Drivers also have a high chance of encountering abrupt stops from car malfunctions.

The Center Lane

The center lane gives the driver enough space to maneuver around tricky spots. However, drivers get hemmed by vehicles. In case of an accident, middle-lane motorists may have a challenging escape route.

Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

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