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Freeway Lanes Ranked: Safest to Most Dangerous

Many drivers depend on freeways daily. But the accidents risks are very high, especially on the speeding lanes. Although National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) sets traffic roles, every road user must guard their safety.

But what if a road user is involved in an accident that puts their life on hold? Robert J. DeBry & Associates has competent car accident lawyers to help claim all necessary compensations. That aside, listed below are the safest and the worst lanes to drive on a freeway.

Which Are the Safest and the Most Dangerous Lanes to Drive?

There is a shared lane known as the acceleration lane. This lane allows the drivers to join the freeway and get into the merging lane later. The merging lane may be very dangerous because of many blind spots. In addition, several freeway cars are faster than those in the merging lane.

Once the driver has gotten into the merging lane, stopping to avoid a collision is difficult. Instead, they should maneuver to the through lane and drive at a consistent speed to match the other traffic.

Suppose the driver wants to overtake while on the through lane. First, they should indicate and maneuver to the passing lane. Then, they should get to the through lane after overtaking to allow other drivers to overtake.

But which is the safest and the most dangerous lane?

The right lane (outermost) is the safest lane that the Robert J. DeBry & Associates car accident lawyer recommends. Why? Because it is the slowest and, in case of an accident, it won’t result in severe injuries. The center lane is the second safest lane because cars follow a consistent speed.

On the other hand, the left lane (fast lane) is the most dangerous, although many people would think it’s safe. The left lane is the most dangerous because the cars move at a higher speed. It tends to have fewer accidents, but they are very severe if they occur.

What to Do If You Are Injured in a Highway Accident

People who get highway injuries shouldn’t suffer for someone else’s negligence. Robert J. Debry & Associates Firm car accident lawyers help the victims claim compensation. In addition, the firm has motorcycle accident lawyers and drunk driving lawyers, among others. Call the firm at 801-888-8888 for assistance.

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