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What You Need to Understand About PTSD After a Car Accident

PTSD is a severe condition and is rarely seen under the spotlight when discussions of mental health occur. However, PTSD can seriously impact an individual’s ability to lead an everyday life. PTSD can affect a person’s ability to perform at their job, attend normal social functions, and regularly interact with their family. When PTSD occurs due to a car accident, it can make driving a terrifying experience while also making interactions with vehicles a nightmarish occurrence. If you’ve experienced PTSD due to a car accident, consider hiring a car accident lawyer. 

How Common is PTSD?

While not every car accident will lead to PTSD, many do. Traffic accidents are the most common cause of PTSD in the United States. Every year, over 3.5 million Americans are injured due to a traffic accident, making them a shockingly common occurrence. When a car accident leads to PTSD, the disorder can last for life and prove a substantial obstacle for those involved to overcome.

Effects of PTSD

People with PTSD may struggle to live the lives they had before being diagnosed with the condition. Anxiety and depression are common, making victims sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, and sudden movements. People with PTSD can be easily triggered by anything that reminds them of the car accident that caused the condition, driving heavy traffic or high speeds, a terrifying and dangerous situation. Even films depicting car accidents might cause a person with PTSD to become uncomfortable.

Have You Suffered PTSD From a Car Accident? Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

PTSD can be challenging to diagnose in an individual, which means many people with the condition might be unaware they have it. If you believe you’ve suffered PTSD due to a traffic incident, you might be entitled to compensation.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we regularly deal with personal injury cases, including mental and emotional distress like PTSD. Consider hiring a car accident lawyer from our firm to help you with your case.

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