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5 Things You Should Immediately Do If You’re Hit by a Car

At the least, a car accident can be a terrifying ordeal. At best, it’s financially draining and just downright irritating. Here are five things you should do should you ever find yourself hit by a car in an accident.

Don’t panic; evaluate your injuries.

Safety is of paramount importance. 911 should be called right away if someone is injured. You should remain calm and wait for assistance if you are injured. Being hit by another car is stressful; in any case, don’t panic.

Get Information

You should take down the information of all the other drivers involved, but especially that of the driver who hit you. All of this information would be helpful when filing a claim, including names, numbers, license plates, and insurance policy information. Taking photos of the scene is also paramount.

Obtain Copies Of The Police Report

You will need these not just for insurance claims. Your car accident lawyer will also need a copy, especially if you are hurt in a car accident. The police will give you a copy as well as any others involved in the accident.

Review Your Insurance Policy

You, as well as your car accident lawyer, need to know exactly what’s covered and what isn’t. Now is the best time to familiarize yourself with your insurance policy. As a safeguard, it’s also an excellent idea to check your policy for coverage against uninsured motorists.

Call The Insurance Company

Accident claims have to be filed within a short time frame. By waiting too long, your claim will automatically be rejected by the company. And, you may lose coverage if you’re involved in another accident without reporting the first one.

However, you should contact a car accident lawyer, like Robert J. DeBry & Associates, first. They can help you with the entire claim process and seek potential compensation against the driver that hit you.

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