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Common Boating Accident Injuries

Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer

There are just under 12 million recreational boats registered in the United States. Most of the owners of these boats operate them safely and have never had an accident.

However, over 4,000 accidents involving recreational boats were recorded in 2019, the latest year with reliable statistics. If you or a loved one have been in a boating accident, you may want to consider hiring a personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim.

What are the most common injuries resulting from such accidents?

  1. Drowning. A person may be knocked into the water by a collision with another boat or by some negligent act by the person or someone else on board.
  2. Brain injuries. A person may be struck onboard by another boat, lose oxygen by being underwater too long, or receive carbon monoxide poisoning by idling a motor while docked.
  3. Spinal injuries or compression. A person may suffer injuries from a collision or bouncing at high speed on waves.
  4. Lacerations. A person may be cut by a propeller while swimming.
  5. Whiplash. A person may be jerked while the driver is recklessly operating the boat.
  6. Electrocution. A person may suffer electrocution from improperly grounded electrical leads in standing water.
  7. Burns. A person may be burned when a fire starts in the motor.

What causes common boating accidents?

  1. The driver may be impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  2. The driver may be recklessly operating the boat by speeding or inattentive driving for other reasons.
  3. Another boat may collide with the boat the victim is riding in.
  4. The victim may slip and fall while walking around the boat.
  5. The victim may be thrown overboard during a collision.

Almost all these accidents and injuries can be prevented by practicing care while boating.

Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries during a boating accident, contact a personal injury attorney at Robert J. DeBry & Associates. They will go over your case with you during a free consultation.

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