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What You Can Recover Through a Car Accident Attorney

Being careful on the road doesn’t mean that drivers can’t get involved in road accidents. In most cases, the accident may not be the driver’s fault, therefore compensation can be achieved. In order to receive the compensation you deserve you may need to find the right help. 

An experienced car accident attorney from Robert J. DeBry & Associates may help recover the following:

Economic damages

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have experienced personal injury lawyers who help victims recover from economic damages. 

This includes:

  • Medical bills

Accident victims need to pay for past medical expenses, current medical expenses, and future medical expenses. This payment can be from the victim’s pocket or through an insurance company. We have car accident attorneys who can help the victim recover medical bills from insurance companies. 

  • Lost wages

As a result of a car accident and injuries, the victim may miss reporting to work. Therefore, the victim may miss wages and other benefits. At the firm, we have skilled lawyers who can help calculate the lost wages and file claims for compensation.

  • Property damage

Lawyers at Robert J. DeBry & Associates can help recover damaged vehicles after an accident. We have helped claim the damaged vehicles from the victims’ insurance companies or the driver with the fault.

Non-economic damages

Below are the non-monetary losses that a car accident attorney might help recover;

  • Pain and suffering

An experienced injury attorney can present evidence of the victims’ suffering, including emotional distress. After that, the attorney will help claim compensation equivalent to what the victims are going through.

  • Loss of consortium and loss of enjoyment of life

An accident may lead to loss of companionship, inability to bear children, among other losses. A lawyer will help the injured determine the amount they need to be paid for personal injuries such as these.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have a car accident attorney who is skilled and knowledgeable. Our attorneys are experienced in helping car wreck victims recover their damages.

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