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The First Step After a Car Wreck

Experts expect the rate of traffic crashes to increase in the United States of America due to increased motor vehicle ownership. So, we may continue to experience car wrecks on our roads. Fortunately, at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we can give you first-hand information regarding safety tips. Here are the first steps for any driver after a car accident.

Self-examination for any injuries

After a car wreck, it is essential to start by self-examination to determine the possibility of making a 911 call. If seriously injured, we recommend asking someone else to call 911 and remaining still until help from the emergency team arrives.

Checking if passengers are safe and get to safety

The driver might not be too hurt to move. In that case, they should confirm if any passenger is injured and call for help. If the passengers and driver can move, the recommendation is to move away from the car to the roadside.

Waiting for help

The driver should ensure the engine is off and the hazard lights are on. You may use the road flares accordingly at this time. They help in warning other drivers to slow down.

Exchanging information

We have an experienced car accident attorney who recommends exchanging important information with the other driver. The information includes;

  • Contact info, including all drivers’ full names.
  • The insurance company’s policy number.
  • Driver’s license.
  • License plate number.
  • Color, model, and vehicle type.
  • Accident location.

At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we have a car accident attorney who advises drivers not to discuss fault when exchanging information with the other driver.

Documenting the accident

For the drivers involved in the car wreck to protect themselves, they need to;

  • Identify officers in charge.
  • Obtain an accident report.
  • Take pictures if possible.
  • Document names and addresses of everyone involved.
  • Talk to witnesses.

The Following Steps 

After executing the above steps, it is recommended that the drivers involved notify their respective insurance companies

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