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What to Do After Whiplash from a Truck Accident

One of the injuries you can sustain in a truck accident is whiplash. This neck injury occurs due to your neck’s forceful, rapid impact and movement. Whiplash causes a wide range of symptoms varying from minor symptoms like neck pains to severe symptoms like blurred vision.

It’s crucial to seek proper treatment to avoid suffering from the effects of untreated whiplash. At the same time, you should seek the help of a professional truck accident lawyer to get the compensation you deserve. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, you can speak to a truck accident lawyer at no cost.

Immediate Actions to Take After a Whiplash

Your first step after a whiplash accident should be seeking medical treatment. No matter how minor your injury is, it’s best to seek medical help from the scene of the accident and schedule an appointment with a doctor later on.

You should note that whiplash symptoms can take up to weeks to appear. You should also note that soft tissue injuries don’t show on X-rays or other types of scans. That’s why you should schedule an appointment even after the initial assessment at the accident scene.

Administering Home Care

If you have mild symptoms, your doctor will possibly recommend home-care treatment. This involves using ice to reduce inflammation and heat to relieve the pain. You might also require to wear a soft cervical neck collar for several weeks.

Seek Professional Legal Help from a Truck Accident Lawyer

The best way to maximize your compensation claim after suffering a whiplash injury is by consulting a professional truck accident lawyer. A truck accident lawyer at Robert J. DeBry & Associates is willing to help you while having your best interest. 


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