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How to Handle Blind Spots in a Commercial Truck?

The FMCSA is an organization that helps truck drivers build awareness of various dangers with semi-trucks blind spots. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration educates drivers on no-zones associated with commercial trucks, which can be a huge blind spot. According to FMSCA, about one-third of all vehicles between a commercial truck and a passenger vehicle occurs in a commercial truck no-zone area. 

There are several truck accident attorneys at Robert J DeBry & Associates who have helped countless accident victims in cases that involve commercial trucks. Personal injury cases involving these heavy vehicles can be more complicated than those involving passenger cars. Commercial trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds because of the equipment or goods they may be carrying. Minor mistakes can have disastrous results.

Blind spots associated with commercial trucks

  • Directly in front of a truck driver’s cab and extending forward for about 20 feet.
  • The right side of the truck, particularly near the cab. There is a 30-foot blind spot behind a truck’s trailer diagonally and backward.

The blind spots are areas in which it is very difficult or impossible for a driver to see a vehicle. Although truck drivers should always check their blind spots before turning, braking, or changing lanes, there are countless accident situations in which truck drivers check their blind spots but still fail to see other vehicles.

Four common causes of truck accidents involving blind spots

  1. There are times when a car follows a truck too closely, resulting in a fatal accident.
  2. Truck drivers who drive too aggressively.
  3. Some examples of such road rage can include stomping on the brakes while changing lanes or cutting off a passenger vehicle.
  4. A truck driver failed to check the blind spots properly before any lane changes.
  5. Truck drivers are usually unaware that passenger vehicles are in their blind spots for a significant period.

In Utah, Robert J. DeBry & Associates has recovered millions of dollars for victims of these accidents. Individuals can call 801-699-9999 or complete the online form for a free consultation if they want to speak to an attorney.

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