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Water Overdose and Wrongful Death

Water is an element necessary to maintain life, but when consumed incorrectly, water can be deadly. Though individuals are often encouraged to drink several glasses of water each day, what happens when they drink more than that? Could it lead to a wrongful death? Can water consumption ever be harmful?

Perhaps you live somewhere warm, like St. George, Utah. In St. George, citizens are constantly urged through public health campaigns to drink more water. But what happens when you drink too much? Water overdose and intoxication are deadly side effects of over consumption of water. A practiced wrongful death lawyer will be the first to tell you that in some situations, water intoxication can not only be deadly, but can be grounds for legal action.

Water Overdose and Intoxication

Water intoxication is caused by drinking several liters of water at once. The symptoms of water intoxication or overdose look quite similar to the symptoms of heatstroke or dehydration. Individuals who have consumed too much water may have a headache, diarrhea and may be nauseous or vomiting. The brain begins to swell with over-consumption of water, so victims may pass out, seize or enter into a coma.

If you see any of these signs or symptoms in yourself or another individual, seek emergency medical help.

Taking Legal Action

There are some documented cases of a wrongful death lawyer taking on a water intoxication case. In some cases the water was consumed as a child’s punishment, in others the water was consumed as part of a contest. In almost all cases though, a wrongful death lawyer was able to bring restitution and closure to the family.

Whether you live in sunny St. George or elsewhere, always make sure to drink water responsibly, and know your rights. If you are involved in any activity that requires you to consume unhealthy amounts of water, cease participation and get help. Your life is worth so much more than winning a water chugging contest.

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