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The Importance of Getting your Safety and Emissions Inspection

Salt Lake City required all vehicles manufactured more than 10 years ago to pass a safety test every year. In the year 2017, this rule changed, which may debate the safety of. Although it may seem like a pain to bring you car in, a safety test is extremely important in order for you and other drivers to maintain safety on the road.

How Inspections Make a Difference

A faulty or broken item found during an inspection could save you from breaking down on the freeway and causing an auto accident. If your car is not driving safely, another driver could easily sue you for damages, requiring you to hire a lawyer. Emissions tests are just as important because they determine the amount of toxins that your car is putting into the air. Many of the repairs made to cars to reduce their pollution output actually improve your car’s performance as well.

What Is Checked During a Safety Inspection?

During a safety inspection, the following will be checked — your car’s airbags, wipers, lights and other important components of your car. Some of these things may be easily noticeable to you, such as lights. However, they also inspect parts of the car that are more hidden and are just as likely to cause an auto accident, such as your brakes.

If your car has not passed a safety inspection in Salt Lake City, then it will be difficult for a lawyer to argue that your auto accident was due to defective car parts. However, if a faulty piece is found during your inspection, then it is best to contact a lawyer immediately regarding the part, because there is a chance that it has previously been recalled.

Fuel Economy and Emissions Tests

Salt Lake City is well known for its poor air quality. You don’t want to be one of the people significantly decreasing the quality of our air, so it’s important that you have your car tested as necessary. Additionally, your vehicle’s fuel economy will noticeably improve if your car initially does not pass the test, because you will be required to make repairs on it. Luckily for you, there are numerous places within Salt Lake City that can easily do a quick safety and emissions inspection for you, reducing your chances of being in an auto accident and needing a lawyer.

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