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Top 5 Most Forgotten Traffic Laws

Most drivers getting ready for a driver’s test spend much time reading through the DMV handbook. At Robert J. DeBry & Associates, most cases handled by a personal injury lawyer stem from ignorance of some of these commonly forgotten traffic laws.

  1. Keep Away from the Left Lane Unless Overtaking

A good driver will remember that the lane on the far left, commonly referred to as the fast lane, is meant for overtaking. The law enforcers might be strict or relaxed about this law. Regardless, stay off the fast lane whenever moving with the traffic flow.

  1. Always Use the Turn Signals

We know this sounds like it should come naturally to everyone but it, unfortunately, does not. Your vehicle’s blinkers are not only for when you want to turn right or left at a junction. While driving, it is critical to let the drivers behind and in front know when you want to change lanes. Our personal injury lawyers handle some of the injury cases at Robert J. DeBry & Associates weekly. 

  1. Obey the Stop Sign Order

Some stop signs can be frustrating, especially when no driver wants to take the first step. However, as California Driving: A Survival Guide notes, you only have to remember two basic laws: First, go through the intersection in your order of arrival, and second, if more than one car arrives simultaneously, move in the clockwise direction. 

  1. Drive for the Road Conditions

Although the displayed speed limits remain unchanged when it rains, you should change your speed limits. When it’s foggy, the road is wet, or any other condition that makes driving less safe, kindly stay alert and adjust your driving. 

  1. Do not Use your Cellphone while Driving

We all like to check those short texts and answer a quick call that seems urgent while driving, and one second of distraction could cause several deaths on a busy road. 

Stay safe, but in case of any incidents, our team of personal injury lawyer is always at your service. Here at Robert J. DeBry & Associates, we want to help you get compensation, so you have time to focus on yourself and your family. 


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