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Tips for Driving on Icy Roads

In snowy, mountainous areas such as Provo, Utah, getting around in the wintertime can be a challenge. Winter storm accumulation and lake effect snow can pile up, obstructing roadways and adding up to an hour to your morning commute.

The real culprit of winter driving, however, is icy road conditions. Icy roads are responsible for 13 percent of weather-related crashes, contributing to higher auto accident rates in Provo and throughout the greater Midwest. In order to avoid having to meet with your lawyer over an ice-related auto accident, follow these tips for safe icy road driving.

The most important tip for safe winter driving is to reduce your speed. Crashes can occur at speeds as slow as 10 mph, with significantly increased damage at high speeds. No type of vehicle is immune to icy road conditions.

Know where ice is likely to form. Ice forms more readily on bridges and overpasses, and also tends to form on roads that aren’t well traveled or don’t get as much sunlight.

Keep your car stereo volume low when driving on icy roads. A distinctive lack of usual road noise is one of the first indicators that you’ve hit an ice patch.

If you do hit a patch of ice, try not to overreact. Doing as little as possible is the safest way to get over an ice patch. Keep the steering wheel straight and avoid either accelerating or pumping the brake.

If you encounter a skid, lift your foot off the gas pedal and switch to a lower gear to decelerate, if necessary. Turn your wheel in the direction of the skid—wherever the rear of your car is heading. Then, turn the wheel in the direction you want the car to go.

If you do get into an auto accident with another vehicle on account of icy road conditions, don’t hesitate to call your lawyer. Icy road crashes are more common than you’d think—especially in wintry environments like Provo. At Robert J Debry & Associates, you will be matched with a lawyer skilled in icy road accidents.

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