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EOS Lip Balm Faces Class-Action Lawsuit Over Blisters, Rashes

EOS lip balm is facing a class-action lawsuit after one of its products allegedly caused painful blisters, bleeding and rashes after application.

The egg-shaped lip balm, popular in cosmetic stores and drugstores from the East Coast to St. George Utah, stands accused of injuring consumers and failing to warn them of potential adverse reactions—conditions frequently cited in drug injury and similar lawsuits. The suit, filed in California, is brought by one Rachel Cronin and her lawyer.

In December 2015, Cronin purchased a “Summer Fruit” flavored EOS lip balm and began using the product the same day. “Within hours,” Cronin recounts, her lips felt “like sandpaper.” After reapplying the product in an attempt to alleviate the situation, Cronin’s skin began to crack and bleed. By the next day, she had developed blisters and a rash. Cronin’s symptoms persisted for a total of 10 days.

According to Cronin’s lawyer Mark Geragos, the number of affected persons could total tens if not hundreds of thousands of customers on the West Coast and in nearby St. George; apparent complaints from consumers “have flooded the EOS Facebook page and their email.”

The class-action suit is asking for damages and corrective advertising.

As in many similar cosmetic or drug injury cases, the company has yet to issue any product warning or recall notice, according to Cronin’s lawyer. Cosmetic or drug injury cases are not uncommon in cases of allergic reaction. However, EOS—which stands for Evolution of Smooth—has publicly rejected the claim, with representatives stating they “believe this lawsuit is without merit.”

Whether this class-action suit will damage the reputation of the Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears-endorsed lip balm remains to be seen, however the litigation is ongoing. If a significant number of other claimants in St. George and elsewhere join the suit, EOS could end up paying for much more than just celebrity endorsements.

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