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The Importance of Wearing PPE at Work

Certain people work in hazardous environments that require the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Safety in the workplace comprises clothing and equipment and instructions, training, procedures, and supervision. Employer or employee non-compliance can result in placing human life at risk in the workplace. A Utah lawyer such as those at Robert J. Debry & Associates may be the only viable course of action in the case of an unfortunate event.



Typical injuries in certain work environments

Employees may incur various physical injuries in the workplace, even when PPE and safety controls have been established. Typical injuries may include:

  • damage to the lungs due to contaminated air
  • injury to the head, feet, arms, and legs from slips and falls or falling materials
  • eye injuries related to working with corrosive components or airborne particles
  • harm sustained from extremes in temperatures

PPE is mandated in any working environment but is especially important in high-risk environments to reduce the potential for human harm. However, accidents do take place despite the best efforts of people, and they can sustain injuries.

Disciplinary hearings or investigations will follow a workplace injury. Disputes can arise as to who will bear the medical and other costs involved when restitution is needed. A Utah lawyer then becomes vital to help victims to defend their rights.



Workplace injury statistics

Non-fatal workplace injury statistics in the U.S. have remained stable over the past 3 years. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, despite these levels of stability, the rate of injuries and illnesses in the workplace has consistently stood at 2.8 million cases.

High-risk work environments require higher PPE and safety compliance levels. Non-compliance can lead to employees requiring the services of a personal injury attorney to protect their interests.

RJD & Associates specializes in the management of personal injury cases. Protect your rights with the help of a Utah lawyer.

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