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The 10 Most Major Auto Recalls of All Time


Simply put, automobiles are dangerous. Though necessary in today’s day and age for transportive means, when you or a loved one venture outside the comfort or your home by way of a motor vehicle, the risk of being hurt in an auto accident is run. From distracted and inebriated to inexperienced and drowsy, the types of people with whom the open road is shared is nothing short of intimidating.

That being said, there’s another automotive danger which—though less frequent—certainly occurs: accidents caused by auto recalls. Having dealt with numerous people here in Utah who’ve experienced genuine injury because of an automotive recall, we understand the danger that can come about because of engineering- or manufacturing-based mishaps. Interested in learning more? The following infographic presents the 10 most major auto recalls of all time:

Fusion 360 - The 10 Most Major Auto Recalls of All Time (Robert J. DeBry)

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