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How to Tell Your Lawyer is Working for Your Best Interests

Hiring a lawyer that works towards your best interests can sometimes seem hard to find. Here at Robert J DeBry, we guarantee that we care about your case in Salt Lake City and when you need a lawyer for a slip and fall case, or another case we handle, we will do our very best. If you are looking for tips on how to feel more trusting of the professional you hired, try the things listed below.

Talk About Money

Money is often the most uncomfortable topic for discussion. Whether you are nervous to discuss payment options or feel as though the professional helping you on your case is only in it for the money, communication is essential. If you don’t feel as though you are getting anything for your money or that you are paying too much, research and talk about it.


Honesty is essential in any relationship, especially a professional one. Perhaps you go to a lawyer to discuss your slip and fall case but feel as though they are not giving you all the facts. It is important to know the flaws and strengths in your case as well as the possible outcomes you face.

Informed Decision

Trying to decide on the right person for your case can oftentimes seem daunting. That’s why you should do research before making any costly or binding decisions. Talk to your potential hires about their experience, look up public information and see what other have to say about them before doing anything hasty.

Keep Things in Writing

As mentioned before, trust is absolutely essential to any relationship with your lawyer. If you don’t trust them to listen to your details or opinions on your slip and fall case, then you can’t be confident in receiving a positive outcome in the end. The best way to make sure you and your lawyer have good communication and discuss what you need is to keep writings of what you discussed and your requests.


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