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Benefit of Taking Public Transportation

Living in Salt Lake City means that you have probably used the Trax or bus system at least once. Public transportation is a part of everyday life for many people, but others may still be hesitant. Not only will you save money, get exercise and actually even save some time, but also reduce your chances of an auto accident and needing an attorney.


Having a car is expensive, this is probably not new information. You have to spend money on oil changes and ensuring that other parts are functioning properly. Not to mention the costly expense of gas to keep your car running day to day. Despite these costs, riding trax or a bus doesn’t mean you have to give up on your car entirely. Instead consider looking into a pass to maybe get you to work a little cheaper.


Riding public transportation not only cuts down on congestion, which means less traffic, but also on your likelihood of being in an auto accident. This doesn’t mean there is no chance of crashing and needing an attorney, every time you get into any type of vehicle there is some risk of this, but you are less likely to run into this issue by taking public transportation.


As amazing as having a car can be, it often eliminates the need for exercise. You usually pick a spot close enough to not need to walk too far away. Public transportation allows for you to walk farther and for a purpose. Exercise may not be your favorite thing, but it will help to keep you healthy.


This mainly applies for the trax system but taking public transportation can actually reduce the time it takes to get from place to place. The system is built to make it easier to go from one point to the next. Check the routes and try timing your trips to see if this is true for you. You also will be saving time by not being stuck in traffic or in an auto accident and looking for an attorney.


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