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Super Lawyers: Ranking Attorneys


In today’s legal world, both inside and outside of Utah, personal injury attorneys are a dime a dozen. In recent years, an astounding number of law students have graduated from law school, taken and passed their state’s respective bar examinations and are seeking gainful employment as full-time, practicing lawyers—many in the field of personal injury.

While a considerable amount of young, up-and-coming professionals have bright futures ahead of them, your current auto accident or wrongful death claim needs solving now. With numerous personal injury options available to you, it’s always best to stick with what’s been both tried and proven. Here at Robert J. DeBry, we take a great deal of pride in the legal accomplishments of our team of attorneys. The following is an overview of one of our favorites: Super Lawyers.

Fusion 360 - Super Lawyers - Ranking Attorneys (Robert J. DeBry)

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