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The Avvo Rating: a Legal Accolade Worth Knowing About


With a tremendous amount of legal options made readily available for those suffering from unfortunate injury or incidents of wrongful death, it can be difficult to find the best personal injury attorney for your specific set of needs. Sure, there are countless legal awards which make the process a bit easier, but with just as many accolades as attorneys, it can be hard to separate what truly matters from that which is of little to no worth.

What can be trusted both inside and outside of Utah, however, is the Avvo Rating system. Providing lawyer profiles—complete with client reviews—for nearly 97 percent of attorneys of all types in the United States, it’s hard to find a more comprehensive, reliable resource for consumers looking to get their money’s worth from an attorney’s services.

Fusion 360 - The Avvo Rating - a Legal Ranking System Worth Knowing (Robert J. DeBry)

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