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8 Things That Could Invoke Sudden Aggression In a Dog


Generally speaking, dogs are a joy to be around, and needing the service of a dog bite lawyer is the farthest thing from an owner’s mind. Whether it be going for a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon or simply lounging around the house on a cold Winter day in Provo, dogs provide people with beautiful companionship. Now, that said, some dogs aren’t so friendly and prefer that people keep their distance.

Though few and far between, when an encounter with these kinds of dogs takes place, it’s important that you know how to behave so as to not invoke sudden animalistic aggression. In order to do just that, we invite you to look over the infographic pictured below. By so doing, you’ll be better prepared for an unfortunate interaction with dangerous dogs, should such a situation ever arise.

8_Things_That_Could_Invoke_Sudden_Aggression_In_a_Dog_v1 copy

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