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Safety Tips for Driving in the Snow

Today, driving on Utah roads is less complicated than before, thanks to government organizations like the Utah Department of Public Safety, Utah Department of Transportation, and Utah Highway Patrol. In conjunction with private firms like Robert J. DeBry & Associates, they have relentlessly educated citizens on the safety tips for driving in the snow as follows:

Drivers should slow down and drive smoothly.

Based on Utah Crash Summaries, in 2015, 16% of crashes involving vehicles in Utah were mainly due to inclement weather. For that reason, any car accident attorney from a reputable law firm like Robert J. DeBry & Associates will enlighten their clients on over-speeding as the primary cause of crashes, especially during winter.

Drivers should avoid quick starts, stops, and turns

Driving in the snow requires extra vigilance because roads become slippery under such weather. So, it is essential to accelerate and negotiate corners slowly. Also, applying gentle brakes helps control the vehicle better.

Driving under the speed limit

The speed limits on the roads are mainly applicable during ideal dry conditions. So, drivers who have gone through the hands of a car accident attorney know that they should be driving under such speed limits if it is icy or snowy.

Increasing the following distance

Any experienced car accident attorney will advise any driver of the importance of increasing the following distance in icy and snowy weather. The primary reason is the high likelihood of the vehicle taking longer to stop on the roads during winter.

Looking out for black ice hot spots

Roads with black ice spots may appear dry but are slippery. So, drivers should slow down when approaching black ice hot spots like off-ramps, intersections, shady areas, and bridges.

In summary, being extra cautious and vigilant on the road is essential, especially during the winter when the streets are full of ice and snow. Adhering to the above precautions and many others keeps everyone safe on the roads.


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