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Why Driving Through a Hailstorm May Be Dangerous

Hailstorms may be dangerous. In certain areas, hail can get as large as 8 inches in diameter. On 23rd June 2010, the United States of America recovered and recorded the largest hailstone in Vivian, South Dakota. It had an 8 inches diameter, 18.62 inches circumference, and a weight of 1lb 15oz. That information alone proves how dangerous it can be to drive through a hailstorm.

The compromising situation of driving through a hailstorm

Hail can result from the combination of solid updrafts, freezing temperatures, and falling precipitation. Hailstorms are dangerous when the driver is inside and outside the vehicle. For instance, encountering hailstones when driving can break the vehicle’s windows and cause severe body damage to the driver and the passengers.

Equally, if the driver and the passengers decide to exit the car during a hail storm, they might also be putting their health at significant health risks. The reason is that getting out of the vehicle exposes them directly to falling trash from vehicles like haul trucks. Here is what any experienced car accident attorney from a reputable law firm like Robert J. DeBry & Associates will advise drivers;

Drivers should stop driving immediately.

Legal advice from a car accident attorney to all drivers is to immediately park their vehicles after noticing the start of a hailstorm. Covered spots like covered parking or under an overpass are safe for parking under such scenarios.

Staying in the car may save lives.

Over the years, car accident attorneys from Robert J. DeBry & Associates have noted a personal injury trend. During hail storms, drivers and their passengers mainly sustain severe injuries due to windows’ breakage.

For that reason, closing all the doors and windows, remaining in the car, and lying down facing away from the vehicle’s windows can lower the risks of injuries.

Experienced drivers might be knowledgeable about the dangers of driving through a hailstorm. However, for beginner drivers, the situation may be different. A new driver may need guidance from a car accident attorney about handling such scenarios.

In case of a personal injury or car accident, you may need a car accident attorney. For a free consultation, visit or call (801) 699-9999.

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