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Who Is Most Prone to Slip and Fall? It’s Not Just Clumsiness

Slip and fall accidents are far more serious and frequent than you may think. Slip and fall accidents often occur when an individual slips and becomes injured while on someone else’s property. The plaintiff must have sustained injury of some kind in order for a lawyer to argue against the property owner.

Salt Lake City business owners are responsible for diminishing slip and fall risk as best they can by putting up caution signs, warning costumers and maintaining a safe environment. However, there are still approximately 8.9 million emergencies related to slip and fall incidents every year in the United States — including Salt Lake City. Statistics show that people aged 0–19 are at a higher risk for slipping. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, falls are the number-one cause of non-fatal injuries.

Elderly individuals are also at a heightened risk for becoming injured in a slip and fall accident. The unintentional fall death rate for adults over the age of 65 has steadily increased since 2004. Hiring a lawyer is especially important for older people who experience a slip and fall, because older people are very prone to severe injury. Each year there are at least 250,000 older people who are hospitalized for hip fractures because of falling. In addition to being more prone to sustaining injury, the elderly are more likely to fall in the first place due to of balance difficulties, vision problems, foot pain and much more.

People in Salt Lake City are at a higher risk of slipping in the winter due to the abundance of ice and snow. If a patron falls outside of a store, the business owner is still responsible, as it is the business owner’s property. Contacting a lawyer immediately after a slip and fall incident is wise because we will know exactly how to go about the subsequent events.

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