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Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle in Good Shape

Safety gear is certainly an excellent way to keep your life and limb protected should you be in an accident, but keeping your motorcycle maintained is also a crucial piece of the equation. Avoiding injury and a motorcycle accident lawyer in St. George, Utah becomes a lot easier if you’re diligent about caring for the following things.


A damaged tire is likely to pop or come apart as you’re driving, which puts you in a life-threatening position. If a tire is damaged, has abnormal wear, appears to be aged or isn’t the right fit for your motorcycle, you will likely want to replace it with a new one. While tires can last anywhere from 5,000 to 15,000 miles, it’s up to you to continually check your tires and monitor their health. One small issue with your tire can become a huge problem when you make the long trek to St. George. If you’re unsure about the condition of your tires, get an expert opinion or if in doubt, get a new set.


Brakes allow you to stop, which as you know, is a pretty critical maneuver when it come to avoiding a motorcycle accident.

Check your brake pad thicknesses frequently, and be sure to have an expert have a look every now and then to ensure that they’re in tip top shape. If you notice odd functionality or have more difficulty stopping than usual, get them checked immediately. A lawyer may even tell you that if you end up rear-ending a vehicle because your brakes didn’t work, it may affect the outcome of your settlement.


Engine maintenance keeps your bike in tip-top shape and running smoothly, but it also keeps you out of the office of a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Regular oil changes, new air filters (handy if you’re driving in dusty places like St. George) and inspections will help keep your bike running like a champ, but if you notice any odd issues with an engine’s performance (loss of power, sputtering, etc.) it’s worthwhile to have a mechanic take a look and repair any issues.

Ride Often

Keeping your motorcycle maintained is every bit as important as wearing reliable safety gear on the highway. As a lawyer will tell you, if you’re ever in doubt about the safety of your bike, it’s wise to have a trustworthy mechanic take a look and give you recommendations whether you’re in sunny St. George or rainy Seattle. Putting off maintenance on your bike is a surefire way to end up in a motorcycle accident.

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